International Business Training Association


CBP™ Authorized Testing Centers

Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) and Authorized Academic Training Partners (AATPs) do not need to apply to become Authorized Testing Centers (ATCs); as all ATPs and AATPs are automatically approved as CBP testing centers.

CBP Authorized Testing Centers are committed to providing CBP exams to CBP candidates in a professional and secure environment.

If you are considering applying to become a CBP ATC, please review the following information to learn about the requirements of the CBP ATC program and the next steps in the application process.

If you are an Accredited Academic Institution interested in delivering CBP exams to your students, please complete the standard CBP ATC application.

What makes a good business fit?

If you are thinking about opening a CBP Testing Site, see if your business plan matches Prometric PRIME operating model.
  • Does your business provide training in the Information Technology and Business field?
  • Would your students prefer to take their tests where they train?
  • Are you able to supply the required equipment, space, and staff for delivering CBP exams?
  • Are you able to supply the required equipment, space, and staff for delivering CBP exams?
  • Will your business be able to test more than 10 of your own students each month?
  • If approved, will your business be ready to open your new test center within 30 days?

In addition to meeting these requirements, your location and market conditions will also be criteria in the approval process.

If you answered YES to all of the above questions, then you are ready to fill out the CBP Testing Center Application.

Testing Center Requirements

Testing Room Facilities
The testing room should be set up as follows:
  • An enclosed area, quiet and free from distractions such as telephones, printers, copiers and through traffic.
  • Comfortably furnished, well lit and well ventilated with a comfortable temperature in all seasons
  • Shall contain no materials (posters, texts, etc.) that are related to the subject matter of the tests
  • Approximately 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep and separated form one another by acoustic partitions
  • Available for test delivery in accordance with your specified schedule
  • Permit constant visual monitoring of candidates by a Certified Testing Center Administrator either through a window or through video surveillance equipment
Staff & Students
  • Each testing center must have a minimum of two employees trained as a CBP Testing Center Administrator (TCA). Individuals currently pursuing the same cannot serve as Test Proctors.
  • Proctors must be available to administer tests at any time during scheduled testing hours.
  • Proctors must be able to handle difficult situations with professionalism and skill (i.e.: dealing with a violation of testing center procedures by a student.)
  • Students are not allowed to bring with them personal items such as cell phones, pagers, brief cases, bookbags, purses, coursewares, books or any other item that may breach a secure testing area. Calculators, paper and pencils are permitted as long as these do not contain any written or typed information.
Testing Center Network and Equipment Requirements
Each testing center must meet the specified minimum equipment requirements. The following hardware and software is required at each testing center for the delivery of certification testing:
  • Testing Center Workstation
  • Printer
    Administrator and testing workstations must have access to a laser printer with at least 600 DPI capabilities.
  • Facsimile machine
    A facsimile machine, located outside the Testing Room, for receiving transmissions from CBP twenty-four (24) hours per day.
  • Network cabling
    The Testing Center may use any type of network cabling except ArcNet. 10 Base "T" or greater is preferred.
  • e-Mail
    The Testing Center will provide CBP with an e-mail address for communicating any necessary information.
  • Internet connection
    All exam PCs must be able to connect to the Internet via modem or network connection.

Steps after approval

What happens after I'm approved to become an CBP Testing Center?
  • Once your application has been submitted, you will receive notification of your approval within 5 to 10 business days from your Channel Account Manager.
  • Your Channel Account Manager will send all required documentation, which you will be responsible for completing.
  • The Channel Operations Group will contact you after receiving your completed information package to ensure that all required materials have been processed.
  • Upon confirmation that two administrators have been instructed by an IBTA representative on how to register a candidate and allow him or her to choose and pay for the exam, and verification that your site's information is complete, your new CBP ATC will be activated.

Application Process

Begin the application process by sending an email to PARTNERSHIP@IBTALEARNING.COM and requesting an application.



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